Who We Are

The IFCC is an organisation that embraces authentic leadership that is governed by character and integrity, and that is not looking for position, power, or popularity! Men and women, who love mercy, truth, grace and justice, and who love, and care for the welfare of the people they are serving. At the same time recognizing that the wealth of the country ultimately does not lie in its resources, but rests with the dignity and potential of its people.


+ Affiliate Members
+ different church denominations

Mission Statement

  • Developing relationships among Ministers and Ministries Nationally and Internationally.
  • Providing a protective umbrella to cover those in the five-fold Ministry. Recognizing the autonomy of the Local Church.
  • Promoting unity and kingdom mentality among Leaders within a network of Regional relationships.
  • Developing those in Ministry by exposing them to other five-fold Ministries so that Local Churches and Ministries can be enlarged in their vision.
  • Mobilizing the Church’s workforce in their mandate of passionate evangelism and winning the lost at all cost, Church planting, and social relevance.
  • Being prophetically relevant to the Nation in applying Biblical principles to every aspect of life.

Vision & Commitments

• Uniting the Body of Christ across the African Continent and the world.
• The IFCC aims to be the voice in every nation, every community and to speak with one united voice as the Body of Christ.
• Planting and growing healthy Churches and Ministries.
• Evangelizing the world and impacting our society and nations.


To promote an umbrella body with same values and beliefs.
Building a network of relationships with Pastors and Churches with a vision for Church unity and a community characterized by integrity and dignity.
National Leadership engaging and addressing both local and national issues that affect the local Churches and their communities
Responding to social ills in our society and communities.
Play a meaningful and leading role in the context of a democratic South Africa facilitating a new society based on the Principles of God’s Word.
The IFCC and the MEMBER CHURCHES shall form cooperative and synergistic networks with other religious entities having common interests in line with the IFCC’S vision and purposes.
The IFCC shall promote unity among Churches , Pastors and leaders of ministries, denominations and flows with a view to co-ordinate a network of national leaders, regional leaders across the nation and beyond. The IFCC seeks to encourage relationships beyond the national borders and be relevant internationally.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Membership

• Coaching and mentoring in building healthy ministry.

• Coaching and mentoring in good governance and accountability structures.

• Assisting in application of recognition as marriage officers in accordance with the Laws of the Country.

• Able to walk and learn from the Senior Leaders in the Nation. Assisting in application for tax exempt status for Churches and Ministries with SARS and Department of Social Development in providing an acceptable Church constitution that has been approved by the IFCC Executives, SARS and the Department of Social Development.

• Assisting with conflict resolution at the local Church should the need arise.

• Advise and assist with liaison between IFCC Churches / Ministries and National, Provincial and/or Community Government Bodies.

• Assist local churches to liaise with the SACC: (South African Council of Churches) regarding any National action to be taken by Churches.

Additional Support to Pastors

Mentoring Up-coming Pastors.

Assist Pastors / Churches with Structures.

Assist Pastors with raising leaders in their churches.

Support Senior Pastors in their Marriages.

Counselling for Pastors

Want to become a member!